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Slinger Straps Help Ease "Guitar Shoulder" Symptoms

If you're prone to long practices, rehearsals or gigs with a heavy guitar or bass, you've probably experienced the shoulder pain a traditional guitar strap can inflict on your body as a result.

Supporting 8 to 12-plus pounds on your shoulder for hours at a time takes a toll over the years. As a result, many symptoms start to present themselves in your fingers, arms, shoulder, neck or back. Numbing, tingling or shooting pains are all signs of nerve compression from bearing all the weight in one spot on your shoulder.

Luckily, Slinger Straps has a few solutions. Here’s some information from the company:

Slinger Straps specializes in offering ergonomic guitar-strap solutions to help remove or reduce the weight of the guitar on your shoulder. From the no-shoulder-strap "Hip Strap" to the double shoulder strap "Harness Strap,” the company offers a variety of solutions to help overcome your individual condition and keep you playing for years to come.

Check out the video below, and find out more about Slinger Straps at