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The Thimble Slide Lets You Play Slide and Still Fret Your Guitar — Video

A new item for guitarists has launched a Kickstarter campaign—and we thought you might want to know about it.

It's called the Thimble Slide.

Developed and patented by guitarist Cole Coleman, the Thimble Slide is designed to be worn on the tip of your finger. Yet it allows your fingertip to pass through and exposes enough of it so that you can easily fret your instrument—while still wearing the slide.

You can play linear parts, chords and riffs and take that slide solo and go back to playing chords, etc., without a pause in the same song. You even can develop mixed solos and parts—sliding and fretting.

The Thimble Slide is particularly useful to guitarists who will use it for slide solos and melodies. The Stretch model has a 1-inch playing surface, which is perfect for sliding up to three strings at a time and repositioning over the strings as you move around the fretboard.

Below, you can check out information about the Thimble Slide's new Kickstarter campaign—and watch a demo video (top video). There's a lot of talking involved, but you can skip directly to the playing (and the sliding) at the .54 mark in the clip.

For more information, visit and Kickstarter.