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Walrus Audio Introduces Aetos Power Supply

Walrus Audio has introduced its new Aetos power supply.

The Walrus Audio Aetos is an eight-output, isolated power supply, utilizing an internal custom-wound toroidal transformer to provide the highest noise filtering and cleanest power, giving artists the purest sound in their signal chain.

The Aetos is housed in a solid die-cast aluminum enclosure. It is 4.7 inches long, 3.7 inches wide and 1.2 inches tall and will fit under most standard pedalboards, including the PT-2 from Pedaltrain.

It has eight total, 9vdc outputs; six outputs are 100mA and two outputs are high-current outputs (250mA). The 250mA outputs are for higher-current-drawing pedals like Line 6's 4 series modelers, the Boss Twin Series pedals and many digital modulation pedals.

It comes with a detachable 120V AC power cord and has a 120VAC complimentary power output (UL approved). This unit comes with eight individual 2.1mm barrel black power cables and two black-to-red (Line 6) power cables.

The case is a textured steel blue color and boasts the sketch of the Aetos (Eagle) in a muted sky blue color.

Features are below:

  • Fully isolated DC power (Toroidal transformer-based supply)
  • 8 each – 9VDC outputs (2.1mm jacks) including two outputs that are 250mA
  • Solid Aluminum Diecast Enclosure
  • 120VAC Complimentary Output
  • Small footprint (4.7”long x 3.7” wide x 1.2” height)
  • Includes eight standard power cables and two reverse polarity cables
  • Made in Oklahoma, USA
  • Five-year warranty.

The Walrus Audio Aetos Power supply carries a retail price of $169. It's available at multiple outlets or at

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