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Watch Guitarist Shred on Crossed Double-Neck Guitar

You’ve seen double-neck guitars before, but probably never like this.

This crossed double-neck electric is owned by Terence Hansen and was custom built for him by Heeres Custom Guitars in the Netherlands. The fact that the strings on each neck cross over one another would seem problematic—until you see how Hansen plays the instrument.

He posted the video below earlier this summer, in which he plays a sample from his prog tune “Ein Lasht Beer.”

“My good friends in Berlin Thomas Böhme and Christl Etterer are always fun to have ein lasht one,”… Hansen posts on Facebook. “This song is inspired by our good times together. It is actually 7 min long with lots of singing, but it also has a lot of shredding!

“I played all the guitar parts at once on my Heeres Custom Guitars custom crossed double neck 'hybrid'. The piano and string sounds are being triggered by my left hand guitar synth pick-up, and the 'ghost melody' is the only overdub (besides the drums and bass parts).”

A look at his Facebook page reveals that this is not his only crossed double-neck guitar. Hansen also owns an acoustic model.

You can follow Hansen on Facebook, as well as Heeres Custom Guitars.