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Watch Paul Riario Demo the Fluid Audio Strum Buddy

In this new clip, Guitar World’s Paul Riario demos the Fluid Audio Strum Buddy, a compact, portable guitar monitor/amplifier with built-in effects.

Featuring 6W of power and a 40mm speaker driver, the Strum Buddy amplifies your electric guitar to the perfect level for practicing on your couch, in a classroom, hotel room or anywhere.

With it’s rechargeable battery, there is no need to be tethered to an AC powered amplifier—it is effectively “cordless” with 3.5 hours of play time.

Using internal DSP processing, it is EQ’d to sound just like your real amp. It also has four effect settings that can be used independently or together—Clean, Crunch/Distortion, Chorus and Reverb. The really innovative aspect of the Strum Buddy, enough for patent protection, is that it is encased in a rubber housing with integrated suction cup. This allows you to safely stick it to any guitar body and take it wherever you want to play.

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