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Guitar World: October 2011 Disc Videos

These videos are bonus content related to the October 2011 issue of Guitar World. Check out this month's issue for full tabs, transcriptions and lessons. You can buy the issue on our online store here.

For individual download links to these videos, click here.

Featured Lesson Videos
Clutch’s Tim Sult and Neil Fallon: “Electric Worry”
Guthrie Govan debuts his new GW instructional column "Professor Shred"
Machine Head’s Robb Flynn: “Locust”
In Deep with Funk Guitar

Column Videos
Dale Turner: Hole Notes
John5: Chop Shop
Metal Mike: Metal for Life
Misha Mansoor: The Djent Set
Keith Wyatt: Talkin' Blues

Gear Review Videos
Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster electric solidbody
Whirlwind Perfect Ten 10-band graphic equalizer
Orange Dark Terror amplifier
Guild F-50 Standard acoustic steel-string guitar
Framus Earl Slick Signature Series guitar
Budda Budwah wah pedal
Korg PC-1 Pitchclip clip-on tuner