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Chords: Alan Jackson "A Woman's Love"

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Below is a user-submitted guitar tablature for the song "A Woman's Love" by Alan Jackson, one of several user-submitted tabs to be found on

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Artist: Alan Jackson

Song: "A Woman's Love"

Album: Like Red on a Rose

capo 2nd fret

(this is how he plays it in the video)

D                 Em                       G

I have felt it        And I have held  it


I have know  A woman's love  

D                Em                        G

I have tasted         And I have  wasted


A woman's love   Chorus:*

D                      Em

And I know I'll never understand  


All the little thing that make It grand  


A woman's  love

     D                          Em

And I know I'll never come    Face to face  


With any thing that takes the Place 


Of a woman's love   Verse:II

D                    Em                     G

Well I have kiss it     Tried to resist it 

I have  missed 


A woman's love  

 D                 Em                   G

And I have hated    Taken for granted  


A woman's love    Chorus:*   Steel Guitar: But play chords   D / Em / G /D /D/ Em / G /A 

      D              Em                      G

Well I nave needed    And I have pleaded  


And I have lost       A woman's love  

     D                  Em                     G

And I have worshipped      And I have cursed  


A woman's love    Chorus:*   Slow light strum:


Well I adore it  

Em               G / D              

Thank god for it            A woman's love