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Dino Cazares: Exclusive Divine Heresy Lesson Videos!

Legendary guitarist Dino Cazares (co-founder of Fear Factory) remains one of the metal genre’s most dynamic, innovative and prolific players, a statement further cemented upon hearing his impressive fretwork on Divine Heresy’s crushing new album Bringer of Plagues.

The disc’s earth-shattering opening cut, “Facebreaker,” proves that Cazares is more determined than ever to break the barriers of precision and speed with his trademark, lightning fast, machine gun riffs that will leave people saying, “how the fuck is he doing that?!” Well, and Cazares have teamed up to show you aspiring players out there just exactly how to play some of Bringer of Plagues' choice cuts, including "Facebreaker," "Bringer of Plagues" and "Anarchaos."

These instructional clips are exclusive to, so click below to see Cazares break down how to play the hardest riffs from “Facebreaker” and also separately jam the track with Tim Yeung (drums) in another installment of the famed Master Class series.

Visit to view the band's complete touring itinerary, and click here to watch the band's new video for "Facebreaker."


"Bringer of Plagues"


"Facebreaker" Jam Session

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