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Exclusive Lesson: Guitarist Bill Hudson Shows You How to Play "Dreams That Never Die"

Here's an exclusive video lesson by guitarist Bill Hudson of Circle To Circle.

In the video, Hudson shows you how to play the guitar solo to "Dreams That Never Die," off Circle To Circle's new album, Seasons Will Fall.

"This is one of my favorite solos on this new record," Hudson says. "It's pretty simple, but I was able to use a number of different techniques, including six-finger tapping and sweep arpeggios, all while sticking to a pentatonic/rock sound. The whole solo is in D minor (aeolian), and I'm using mostly the D minor pentatonic, but also the F major scale (D aeolian).

"The trickiest part may be the 6-finger tapping run at the beginning, but nothing a metronome can't help you learn!"

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