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Exclusive Lesson: Guitarist Bill Hudson Shows You How to Play "Seasons Will Fall"

Here's an exclusive video lesson by guitarist Bill Hudson of Circle To Circle.

In the video, Hudson shows you how to play "Seasons Will Fall," the title track from Circle To Circle's new album.

"On this solo, I basically used what is known as the 'harmonic minor' scale in G," Hudson says. "Basically the same notes as the G aeolian mode, except with a major seventh (F#) instead of a minor seventh (F). The notes are G A Bb C D Eb F#. The only more complicated part is at the the very end, during the alternated picking run starting on D (12th fret of the D string). Also, watch for those 1/2 bends. It takes a minute, but it becomes instinctive once you get it down!"

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