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Five Things That Could Be Holding Back Your Guitar Playing

(Image credit: Robert Baker)

We recently shared a video to help you determine if your guitar is holding you back.

Of course, it’s also possible that your own practice and playing habits are holding you back.

That’s the subject of this video from Robert Baker. In this clip, Robert looks at five things that he thinks are keeping a lot of guitarists from progressing in their playing. He takes you through each topic with detailed demonstrations and TAB to help you follow along.

Among the areas he looks at are picking technique (1:11), practicing musically and rhythmically (5:46), fingerboard visualization (8:11), confidence and ear training (11:35), and your “playing vocabulary”—that is, your stylistic diversity (14:48).

You can grab the complete TAB for this video right here.

As always, we encourage you to check out more of Robert’s videos on YouTube.