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How to Start a Fire with a Guitar Pick

Your wife's cousin talks you into going on a hike with "the whole gang." Then your wife says, "Why not bring your guitar for when we're sitting around the campfire?"

  • You oblige. Hours later, just as your wife's cousin tries to start the campfire, he realizes he didn't bring matches—and no one knows how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.
  • That's when you step up and exclaim, "Don't worry! I have a guitar pick!"

As Brad from Big Family Homestead shows you in the top video below, all you need is a pick and a fire steel to start a fire. Note that you'll need a pick made of celluloid or cellulose.

“Guitarists everywhere, rejoice!” Brad writes. “Now you, too, can stay warm in the coming zombie apocalypse.” Anyway, check out the video to see what we're talking about.

We've also thrown in slightly newer video by BlackScoutSurvival called "Start a Fire with a Guitar Pick: Black Scout Quick Tips" (bottom video). Choose one, watch them both—and start lighting fires with guitar picks!