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How to Solo on Just One String

If you’re new to the world of guitar soloing, or even if you’re an experienced pro, you’ll enjoy this lesson from Steve Stine.

In this video, Steve breaks down a must-know single-string solo in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen and other greats that can add excitement and something different to your guitar playing arsenal.

Steve uses the E Mixolydian scale for this lesson, but as he points out, you can use other scales. He applies it to the high E string, but again, you can apply it to other strings as well. The important thing is  to visualize the notes on one string so that you’ll be ready to go when  you get the chance to solo. (Note: The video ends rather abruptly, but you’ll get from it everything you need to put this technique to work for  yourself.)

Check out the video, and be sure to visit Steve’s Six String Studios channel on YouTube for more of his great videos, and to visit his website,