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How to Use Harmonic Construction to Find Your Voice on Guitar

As an educator in the online guitar community, I’ve had the unique perspective of teaching guitar students of all ages, skill levels and geographic locations. With this unique opportunity, I’ve finally been able to create a lesson covering the most requested and discussed subject of music theory for guitar players, which is how modes, chords and scales all fit together.

In the video lesson below, I’ll give you the keys to the castle that is harmonic construction: you’ll be able to identify any chord of any scale, as well as understand how to form chord progressions that evoke any tonality you’re after.

This means that instead of simply memorizing tabs of scale patterns, which you can find anywhere on the internet, you’ll learn when and how to actually use these shapes to create your own music and find your own voice on the guitar.

Tyler Larson is the founder of the guitar-centric website Music is Win. His entertaining and educational content receives millions of views per month and has enrolled tens of thousands of students in his online guitar courses, which rank among the highest satisfaction ratings of any online educator in the music industry. Check out Tyler’s flagship course Guitar Super System and follow his daily content on YouTube.