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Orianthi Shows You How to Play "Heaven In This Hell" —Exclusive Lesson

In the exclusive lesson video below, Orianthi shows you how to play the solo from "Heaven in This Hell," the title track from her latest studio album.

The video, which features close-up shots of the guitarist in action, also features the tabs for everything she plays — not to mention a bit of commentary by Orianthi.

“I’d been listening to a lot of Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf,” Orianthi told Guitar World about the inspiration behind the album, which she recorded in Nashville with former Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart at the helm.

“I think you can hear the Delta blues thing in something like the intro to ‘Heaven in This Hell,’ which has that down-home acoustic riff.”

Still, these aren’t songs meant for front-porch picking. Rather, Orianthi says, “With every track it was like, How is this gonna go down live? That was the main thing I had in mind when writing and recording these songs. We wanted it to be a blast to play onstage.”

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