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Seven Chords That Require Only Two Fingers to Play

(Image credit: Cindy Moorhead)

Darrell Braun, whose videos have been featured on several times, has just posted a new one; it's a guide to seven guitar chords that require a mere two fingers to play.

"If you're new to guitar, these should be perfect for you," Braun says in the clip, which you can (obviously) check out below. "We're gonna go through all the chords in the key of G, so you should be able to play some songs once we're done.

"I'm gonna show you guys the full version followed by the two-finger version. That way you can see where the two-finger version comes from. Once you have that two-finger version mastered, you can go back and learn the full fingering."

It might seem like pretty basic stuff at the outset, but give it a chance; there are pointers to be found!

For more videos by Braun, head to Darrell Braun Guitar on YouTube.