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Steve Howe lesson: Learn how to play Yes's Starship Trooper, Siberian Khatru and Mood for a Day

In this classic GW video, legendary Yes guitarist Steve Howe - acoustic guitar in hand - shows you how to play the key riffs to several Yes classics.

Live at the Guitar World studio, the prog-rock guitar legend gives you the inside scoop on how to properly play Starship Trooper, Siberian Khatru and Mood for a Day.

Howe also marvels at the creative freedom he was allowed in the band, which he first joined in 1970. "The statement I was most hungry to make," Howe remarks, "was to be seen as not a 'one-sound' guitarist."

He also offers some good general advice for guitarists - and for musicians in general, really: "thinking about something [what you're playing] can sometimes bring you in the wrong headspace." 

You can check the super-cool video out above.