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Three Pentatonic Exercises Every Guitarist Should Know

(Image credit: Gabriel Pollard/Flickr Creative Commons (cropped))

Pentatonics are the basis for most of every guitarist’s lead work, whether you play rock, blues or metal.

In this new lesson, Darrell Braun offers three pentatonic exercises that are designed to increase your speed, accuracy and creativity.

Darrell uses the A minor pentatonic scale for these exercises. They include playing 16ths in sets of eight, playing triplets and adding 16th chromatics into your playing.

He demonstrates each exercise and then shows how it can be used in a solo.

Overall, this is a great practical lesson that can improve your technique and give you new ways to take your solos and lead work in new directions.Darrell provides full tab for these exercises right in the video. If you like this lesson, you can pick up the full lesson at his Etsy page for three dollars.

As always, check out Darrell’s YouTube channel for more of his videos.