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AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young: New Album "A Year or Two" Away

Contrary to recent statements from frontman Brian Johnson, AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young says a new AC/DC album is still "a year or two" away.

Speaking to Classic Rock magazine recently, Young clarified his singer's remarks, saying, "You know what Brian's like. He just says things and then walks away. It'll be a little while — a year or two anyway."

This is still good news for AC/DC fans, many of whom felt Black Ice would be the band's last album.

"I've been doing some jamming on some song ideas but I do that all the time, as do the rest of the band," added Malcolm. "We are still working. But we had a long rest between Stiff Upper Lip and Black Ice, so I think we need a couple of years to recuperate and work on it a bit more."

We reported back in January that another factor playing into the delay between albums was an undisclosed illness affecting on of the members of the band.

"Hopefully this year we can get back together again," Brian Johnson told The Cowhead Show. "One of the boys is a little sick. I can't say anything, but he's getting better."

He would go on to add, "He's doing wonderful. A full recovery is fully expected."