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Add a new dimension to your acoustic's sound with GHS Strings

What's a good acoustic without a rock-solid pair of strings?

You could have the nicest, most pristine hand-built acoustic guitar in the world. If it has the wrong set of strings on it though, none of that immaculate craftsmanship or those fancy tonewoods will count for much of anything.

With that in mind, we recently checked out three terrific new sets of strings - the Americana, Phosphor Bronze and Vintage Bronze sets - from the always-dependable GHS.

What we found were strings that, no matter what genre or style is your particular stock in trade, provide a crucial additional layer of richness and depth to your sound - the kind of sonic complexity that every acoustic player is looking for. 

Don't just take our word for it though, hear our Tech Editor, Paul Riario, compare and contrast the three string sets in the video above.

For more about GHS and its stable of products, stop by its website.