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Add some snap, crackle and pop to your tone with SolidGoldFx’s NU-33 Vinyl Engine

SolidGoldFX introduces the NU-33
(Image credit: SolidGoldFX NU-33)

SolidGoldFX recently took the flanger pedal to new extremes with the Oblivion Quad Flange. Now the company has entered the chorus/vibrato world with the NU-33 Vinyl Engine, a new chorus pedal that adds in a noise generator to offer, true to the pedal’s name, vinyl-like pops and ambience to your sound.

The effect is, according to SolidGoldFX, “designed to capture the vibe of some our favorite records, such as a particularly worn out copy of Black Sabbath's Master of Reality and an original pressing of Led Zeppelin with just the perfect amount of static.”

Controls allow you to choose how much or how little “flutter” to add to your tone, to color it with two additional filter modes, shape it with three different waveforms and dial in the mix with an analog blend.

SolidGoldFX introduces the NU-33

(Image credit: SolidGoldFX)

There’s also a manual mode to create a doubler ranging from 15ms to 50ms, an internally assignable expression pedal/CV input, multi-function foot switches for tap tempo and speed ramping, top jacks, relay based true bypass switching and a hold-to-skip function with three selectable speed presets.

The NU-33 is offered for $250. For more information or to purchase, head to SolidGoldFX.