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Ampeg puts three of its most coveted bass amps into a plugin with the SVT Suite

Ampeg SVT Suite
(Image credit: Ampeg)

Ampeg has announced the SVT Suite, a new bass amp plugin that includes emulations of three of the company's most sought-after SVT amp heads. 

Comprising recreations of the brand's Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT, Heritage SVT-CL, and SVT-4PRO models, the plugin represents its first foray into digital amp modeling.

Boasting a “photorealistic” user interface – with Amp, Cab and FX views – the SVT Suite also comes with eight speaker cab emulations, six virtual mics and a range of effects, including models of Ampeg's Liquifier Analog Chorus, Opto Comp Analog Optical Compressor and Scrambler Bass Overdrive pedals. 

Third-party IRs can also be loaded, and both Dual-Cab and Dual-IR modes are available for the use of two cabs or IRs simultaneously.

“For the first time ever, we’re offering the amp that redefined rock bass tone in a plugin format,” says Dino Monoxelos, Ampeg's Brand Marketing Manager. “No third parties, no proprietary hardware, just straight-up bass tone direct from Ampeg, the most trusted name in bass. 

“And for all those who want SVT tone without having to move a large amp, or make room for it in a small studio, what could be better than having three of our finest SVT heads, a bevy of Ampeg cabinets, and a great selection of mics and effects pedals, all in a single plugin?”

The SVT Suite is available now for $199. For more information, head over to Ampeg.

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