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Anti-Flag Working on New Album for Fall Release

Speaking with Blare Magazine recently, Anti-Flag's Justin Sane revealed that the band is working on a new album, which they hope will be released by the fall.

"Going into studios you haven't been in for quite some time and playing festivals, that's really what keeps you going as a band because you build new relationships when you're traveling," Sane says. "As far as our career goes, we have been working on some new songs and are hoping to release a record in the Fall. We've been recording over the last couple of months and will be finishing up during the end of summer."

As for the title of the record, Sane added, "There has been some ideas for a title but nothing confirmed yet; we've thrown around a few things and one of them is Magnum (laughs). It's a reference from "Zoolander." I think now, it's definitely going to be the name of the new record."

Sane is also working on a solo album, saying, "I've also been working on a solo album as I haven't done anything since my last record, which was six or seven years ago."

You can read the full interview at this location.

Anti-Flag's last album was 2009's The People Or The Gun.