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Tom DeLonge and Jason Mraz creations head up ArtReach’s 32-model art auction of one-off custom guitars

ArtReach Art Guitar auction
(Image credit: ArtReach)

ArtReach has announced its upcoming Guitar Art auction – an event that will see the sale of 32 wild electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars custom-crafted by an array of renowned musicians and artists.

Comprising a number of familiar models –  including Fender Stratocasters, Jazzmasters and Telecasters, as well as Jackson and Gretsch guitars – the lineup boasts an assortment of one-of-a-kind axes that will be auctioned off in aid of the ArtReach's mission to promote art education.

Tom DeLonge and Jason Mraz spearhead the musicians department, with the Blink-182 six-stringer treating his “To the Stars” Gretsch Electromatic Rat Rod to an off-the-chains body art, featuring hand-drawn sketches and scrawls.

Mraz, on the other, hand opted for a more cosmic theme, with his “Use Your Super Powers For Good” Fender CD-60 Dreadnought sporting an out-of-this-world constellation-inspired pattern and emphatic, motivational text.

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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Tom Delonge's "To The Stars" Gretsch Electromatic "Rat Rod" (Image credit: ArtReach)
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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Jason Mraz's "Use Your Super Powers For Good" Fender CD-60 Dreadnaught (Image credit: ArtReach)

Of course, this merely scratches the surface. There are still 30 other axes making up the roster, with artist Don Masse’s “Zigs and Zags” Tele and Yesica Corral’s bombastic “Under your eyes” Jackson Dinky 7-string standing out as notable highlights.

Other models worth an honorable mention include Bailey Olson’s super-floral “The Sound of San Diego Strat”, Carolyn Johnson’s wavy “Scared Sounds” Jackson Dinky and Brent Hollingworth’s nautical “Ocean Emanation” Fender Redondo Player acoustic.

A helping of basses are also available, headed up by the gorgeously composed “Through Her Eyes” Squier Jazz Bass composed by Galina Marcus, which features an intricate portrait of the Indian god, Shiva.

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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Don Masse's "Zigs and Zags" Telecaster (Image credit: ArtReach)
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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Bailey Olson's "The Sound of San Diego" Stratocaster (Image credit: ArtReach)
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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Carolyn Johnson's "Sacred Sounds" Jackson Dinky (Image credit: ArtReach)
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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Brent Hollingworth's "Ocean Emanation" Fender California Redondo (Image credit: ArtReach)
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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Yesica Corral's "Under your eyes" Jackson Dinky 7-string (Image credit: ArtReach)
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ArtReach Art Guitar auction

Galina Marcus's "Through Her Eyes" Jazz Bass (Image credit: ArtReach)

Each artist involved in the project went to town on their respective guitar-based canvases, before the new-look components were intricately pieced back together by Californian luthier shop James Hood Guitar Repair.

The process ensures that, not only do these fancy-looking models look the part, but they also still operate as fully functional instruments. 

Bidding for some of the models will begin at the modest sum of $500, and proceeds will go directly towards supporting ArtReach’s initiative to provide free and low-cost art programs for young people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to visual arts opportunities.

The auction commenced on Wednesday (September 1) and will run until October 30. As an added bonus, the catalog will be shown off in its entirety at San Diego's Mission Fed ArtWalk in the Piazza della Famiglia on October 2 and 3.

To browse the collection or place a bid, head over to ArtReach.

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