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This Band Has "Too Many Guitars" ... Or Does It? — Video

Los Angeles-based human comic Dan Braswell recently created and posted an entertaining three-minute video called "Too Many Guitars," and, well, here it is!

Our take on it? It's not without its charm!

The video stars Braswell (the main guy with the blue Strat-type thing) with Mark Sipka, Seth Allison, Ben Leddick, Michael J. Sielaff and Corey Taft (One wonders if Taft is related to full-figured former U.S. president William Howard Taft. Maybe Braswell can let us know).

The music in the video is by Braswell with help from Jeff Braine and Sielaff, who also appears in the clip.

As we usually say at this point in the story, check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook! Either way, buy more guitars!