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Behold the iCaster, a Tele-style guitar built from 107 iPhones

Last month we introduced you to Art Mayer of Russia’s Copper Guitars, who built a Strat-style electric guitar out of 36 ramen noodle packs.

Now, Art is back with a new creation, the iCaster, a Tele model crafted from 107 iPhones.

The insane build begins with Art gutting the iPhones of their electronics, gluing them together in a block roughly four phones thick and then carving out the body, which also includes a mahogany sustain block, using a Tele-style template.

From there he smooths out the jagged metal edges, attaches the neck and pops in electronics, including a Tele-style bridge and a pair of Fokin single coil pickups, and we’re fully charged and ready to go.

As for the sound? One thing’s for sure - it’s certainly got that Tele twang.

Comments Mayer, “Surprisingly, iPhones really give a lot of high frequencies, despite the fact that the sustain block of the guitar is made of mahogany.

No word on whether the 2.0 version will remove the output jack.