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Best Acoustic Rock Song of All Time Poll: "Hotel California" Vs. "Heart of Gold"

There’s no doubt that acoustic songs have played a lead role in in rock and roll.

And while we’ve talked about many of these songs and their origins, taught you how to play them and shared many a thought about ‘em, we think it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

While it’s been ridiculously hard to whittle our list down, we now present you with what we think are some of the best acoustic rock songs of all time.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be giving you a chance to vote for your favorites as we aim to name the Best Acoustic Rock Song of All Time presented by TC Electronic!

So come back every day and vote. And check out today’s entries below.
Hotel California (1976)

The title track from ‘Hotel California’ is described by the band members as their take on the “high life in Lost Angeles.”

“Hotel California” was certified Gold three months after its release by the Recording Industry of America, which represents one million copies shipped. The song is one of the most well-known rock anthems, withstanding the test of time and continuing to do well in the digital age.

The tale of innocence lost and wisdom through experience are points that hit home with listeners, as well as the consistent strumming of acoustic guitar in the background, and a mixture of funk and Spanish influence intermingled in “Hotel California.”

Harvest (1972)

Released as a single off of the 1972 album ‘Harvest,’ “Heart of Gold” is Young’s only U.S. No.1 single. It’s received much notoriety over the years, with Rolling Stone ranking it as #297 on their list of 500 greatest songs of all time.

“Heart of Gold" was written during a time when Young could not stand for long periods of time due to a back injury. Because of this, he found himself returning to his acoustic guitar which he could play comfortably while sitting down, as well as his harmonica which is a central point to the song. Young played the song in ’71 during solo shows before recording it for ‘Harvest.’

The hit also features backing vocals by James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, who were both in Nashville for other engagements, and producer Elliot Mazer called them in to sing backup for the track at the Quadraphonic Sound Studio.


Best Acoustic Rock Song of All Time Poll