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Billy Duffy teases new smaller-bodied Gretsch White Falcon signature model

Billy Duffy
(Image credit: Billy Duffy/Instagram / Future)

Billy Duffy has teased a new, smaller-bodied Gretsch White Falcon signature model.

In a new Instagram post, Duffy writes “Falcon Friday” before revealing that he's been working on a “top secret” project with Gretsch.

The attached photo shows the Cult guitarist playing the new White Falcon prototype, though the angle reveals little about the model itself, other than its white finish, block inlays and – similar to his existing G7593T signature model – silver sparkle body binding.

In an interview with YouTube channel Tone-Talk – which was livestreamed on April 24 – Duffy explains: “It's not been made yet – we're kind of testing the water with a couple of prototypes.

“It's sort of a development of the White Falcon, but [we're] making it a bit smaller and more minimalist, and in a more compact package, [keeping] the essential ingredients of the guitar.”

He continues: “Gretsch have been great – I have a great relationship with them and they're very professional and easy to work with. Hopefully it'll work out [and] people will like it. I dig it.”

On how he ended up playing a White Falcon in the first place, Duffy says: “The Gretsch thing just seemed to be something that was a bit of a departure from what most of the punk bands used, which were usually Les Pauls [and] Telecasters, for the most part.”

He explains: “I didn't want to try and be a copy of a punk band – I wanted to find my own thing and I think a lot of other guitar players did. I gravitated towards a Gretsch through happenstance more than anything else.”

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