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The Black Moods Premiere "Say It For The Last Time" Music Video —Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Say It for the Last Time," a new music video by The Black Moods. The song in the clip, which you can check out below, is from the band's upcoming EP, Killers in the Night, which will be released July 15.

Like Arizona-based artists the Gin Blossoms, Jimmy Eat World and the Meat Puppets, the trio follow their footsteps out of the desert with repertoire in their hands that has a timeless sensibility.

Singer Josh Kennedy, bassist Ryan Prier and drummer Chico Diaz have delivered a wealth of songs that exhibit great melodies and a vintage attitude. The Black Moods are raw rock and roll, reminiscent of the way it was back in the day where everything had a little bit of tube growl sweating off vinyl LPs.

The Black Moods also have announced an expanded itinerary, which you can check out below. Following six appearances in Austin during ROT (Rally of Texas) and an excursion to Mexico for Circus Mexicus with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, the trio is routed with a heavily concentrated Midwestern itinerary. Prier and Kennedy grew up in Missouri.

For more about the band, visit Be sure to watch "Say It for the Last Time" below and tell us what you think in the comments or on Facebook!

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