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Bob Dylan's 35th Studio Album, 'Tempest,' Expected September 11

Bob Dylan will release his 35th studio album -- Tempest -- September 11 on Columbia Records.

Fifty years ago, Dylan released his self-titled debut, also on Columbia. It mostly flew under the radar and didn't sell particularly well.

But after 11 Grammys, four Hall of Fame inductions (Rock and Roll, Grammy, Songwriters, and Nashville songwriters), an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Pulitzer and a Presidential Medal of Freedom later, Dylan has more than made up for his slow start.

The new album, which features 10 new Dylan compositions, was produced by Jack Frost (aka Bob Dylan). It follows 2009's Together Through Life and Christmas in the Heart.

Tempest is already available for pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon.

As a side note, Dylan seems to get a kick out of releasing albums on September 11, especially when that date coincides with a Tuesday (the usual album-release day). He released 1990's Under the Red Sky on September 11, and 2001's Love and Theft came out on 9-11.

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