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Check out the monster tones you can conjure with Revv's D20 amp head and G2 overdrive pedal

Last week, on Cooking with Sound, Guitar World's Paul and Alan put Revv Amplification's terrific new G3 and G4 distortion pedals to the test

During the demo, they happened to run the pedals through another Revv creation, the D20 head. Turns out, Paul and Alan liked what they heard from the guitar amp so much that they decided to do another episode on the D20 itself!

With yet another sleek Revv product, the G2 overdrive pedal, in tow, Paul and Alan - Strat and Sterling by Music Man Jared Dines Signature StingRay in hand - got cooking. 

See what sort of impressive tones our intrepid duo were able to conjure in the video above.

For more information, step right on over to Revv Amplification.