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Chris Cornell: "New Soundgarden Stuff is Different than Anything We've Ever Done"

Speaking to ARTISTdirect about "The Keeper," a new song written for the soundtrack of the movie Machine Gun Preacher, singer Chris Cornell touched on what fans can expect from the new Soundgarden album.

When asked if "The Keeper" was any indication of his songwriting direction for the new Soundgarden album, Cornell had this to say:

Well, no matter what, Soundgarden is always going to be heavier. However, I also think musically the new Soundgarden stuff is different than anything we've ever done. Having said that, I think that's a theme we've always had. I think every time we've made a record it wasn't really that easy to compare it to the previous one—other than that we're the same band. I think may be some moments that are sort of sonically quieter and more stripped-down. On the whole, it's a rock record. That's what we do."

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