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Chris Cornell Talks New Soundgarden Album

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell recently talked to The Wall Street Journal about the band's forthcoming album. You can read an excerpt from the chat below.

On making the transition from playing old songs to writing new ones: "It’s like wearing two very different hats. Rehearsing for a show after 12 years off, there’s less tension surrounding that. You know it’s do-able. The songs are on a list somewhere. Writing a new album, that’s when the individual relationships come into play. In that regard we’ve always been a really great band. Everybody supports everyone’s ideas. But there are still question marks in writing new music. What’s it mean? Who are we now? Hopefully the answers are in the songs."

On the sound of the new Soundgarden material: "I’m really happy with it. I understand the feeling of the album. It’s very true to form for Soundgarden, yet you can’t compare it to anything else."

You can read the full interview here.

No title or release date for the new Soundgarden album has been given as of yet.