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Cole Music's ParaDrive "will make your current overdrive seem like a dullard"

(Image credit: Cole Music Co.)

Cole Music Co. has released the ParaDrive Parametric Overdrive pedal, featuring the company’s incredibly versatile parametric EQ technology.

Alongside traditional drive and level controls, the ParaDrive boasts knobs for frequency and EQ gain, allowing the user to dial in a particular frequency from 100Hz to 4kHz and then cut or boost the frequency by up to 15dB.

The result, says Cole, is that the pedal makes it possible to “do a classic treble boost, find and kill a frequency that wants to feed back, go for a killer metal mid-range hump, or even a cocked ‘wah’ kind of vibe.

“The ParaDrive,” the company continues, “will make your current overdrive seem like a dullard.”

(Image credit: Cole Music Co.)

Other features include two Burr-Brown/TI OPA2604AP chips, two clipping diodes, side-mount jacks and true bypass switching.

The the ParaDrive Parametric Overdrive is available for $189. For more information, head to Cole Music.