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Could you finally enjoy playing guitar with headphones using Blue Cat Audio's Re-Head plugin?

Blue Cat Audio has released Re-Head, a plugin that uses a “head response” model to simulate the way the listener's head affects the audio coming from speakers.

According to Blue Cat, Re-Head create a “mixing room experience, even when recording distorted guitars and other instruments that tend to sound unnaturally in-your-face in a headphone mix.”

In addition to the head response model, Re-Head utilizes stereo processing, a spectrum analyzer, EQ and an impulse response loader to mimic the user’s favored recording or mixing room in order to create a simulated acoustic space.

Blue Audio stresses that while Re-Head does not replace studio monitors, the plugin “makes the transition from speakers to headphones, and vice versa, less dramatic,” while also helping to combat “ear fatigue.”

Re-Head is available for Mac OS 10.7 or newer and PCs running Windows Vista or newer.

Blue Cat is offering Re-Head at an introductory price of $34 until June 14.

For more information or to purchase, head to Blue Cat Audio.