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The Darkness to Open for Lady Gaga on UK Tour

It's hard not to notice the career resurgence that hard rockers The Darkness have been enjoying in the first half of 2012; among those who noticed was apparently pop singer Lady Gaga.

The singer recently extended an invitation to the band to open for her on her upcoming "Born This Way Ball" tour, an invitation the band happily accepted.

"I've been living with my Lady Gaga secret for many moons and it's such a relief to be able to tell folk at last. I was beginning to go insane,” said vocalist/guitarist Justin Hawkins. “She is the best pop star of the 21st century bar none and we're honored to have been selected. 2012 has been the most brilliant of years so far, and it's about to get even more magnificent!"

For those interested in catching on the year's most bizarre touring tandems, you can get all of the dates here.

The Darkness will release their as-yet-untitled new album sometime late this summer.