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Dave Grohl to Host His Own HBO TV Show

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has officially been granted his very own TV show, set to air on HBO this coming winter.

The show will expand on the idea behind Grohl's Sound City documentary; it will show the guitarist/drummer visiting and using several iconic studios — and chatting with the owners.

Over the course of the show, Grohl will pay a visit to Steve Albini's (Nirvana, Page & Plant) Electrical Audio studio in Chicago; Don Zientara's Inner Ear studios (Fugazi, Henry Rollins' S.O.A., Grohl's Scream) in Washington, D.C.; Rancho De La Luna studios (QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Lanegan) in California, and other legendary studios in New York, Seattle and Nashville.

Featured musicians will include Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, Nancy Wilson of Heart, the Eagles' Joe Walsh and Dischord Records boss/Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye.