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Dave Grohl To Write Intro for Max Cavalera's Autobiography

It's no secret that Max Cavalera has an autobiography on the way, but what is surprise -- and especially cool -- is that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has signed on to write the intro for the book.

Speaking to the Soulfly frontman via phone earlier today, Cavalera revealed that he asked Grohl to write the intro, as Grohl had always been a fan and had even worked with Cavalera on the Probot project.

"I asked him to do the intro for me," he said. "He's a fan of my music, a good friend, we worked together on Probot, and he always came to see Sepultura and Soulfly shows."

He continued, "He's a big star in music, so I thought it'd be really cool to have him write the intro of the book."

As for the book's format, Cavalera also revealed that the book would feature interviews with people who had been part of his history, including Chino Moreno, Tom Araya and Sharon Osbourne. Max hopes the book will be on shelves by this Christmas.

For more on the book, and the new Soulfly album, stay tuned for the full Guitar World interview with Max Cavalera coming your way soon.

Soulfly's new album, Enslaved, is out next Tuesday, March 13, via Roadrunner Records.