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David Lee Roth Interviews Eddie Van Halen About the Old Days

Two videos have recently appeared online featuring Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth having an interview-style conversation with Eddie Van Halen about the good ol' days, including chats about wet T-shirt contests and Ed's old Volvo.

You can listen to the conversation over at

Tickets for Van Halen's recently announced 2012 tour go on sale next Tuesday, January 10.

While not officially announced, it's being reported than a new Van Halen album will drop on February 7 via Interscope Records. The typically reliable Van Halen news site, Van Halen News Desk, is reporting that a new single, "Tattoo," will also debut next Tuesday.

As previously reported, Van Halen will play an intimate show at New York City's Cafe Wha? this Thursday.

Van Halen - Panama Trailer from Van Halen on Vimeo.