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Dawner Prince Electronics unveils Pink Floyd-inspired Pulse revolving speaker emulator

(Image credit: Dawner Prince Electronics )

Dawner Prince Electronics has unveiled the Pulse, a new effects pedal that promises to emulate the classic Doppola (known for its association with Pink Floyd) and Gibson Maestro Rover RO-1 revolving speakers.

Features include slow and fast speed, a “distance” virtual mic placement control, wet/dry mix, true bypass switching and more.

The open-cabinet revolving speaker emulator, according to Dawner, required “countless hours on R&D, measuring every detail on a real physical model and using advanced math to emulate its complex sound image along with all the physics and mechanics behind it.”

The result is a “realistic three-dimensional sound that swirls as the speaker accelerates, exact spatial modulation and the feel of the air moving with every spin.”

The Pulse is offered for $339.95. For more information, head to Dawner Prince Electronics.