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Deep Purple Unsure About Making New Album

In a recent interview with Darryl Sterdan from the QMI Agency, Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover revealed that the band are unsure of whether or not they will make a new album.

When asked if it had to do with the decline of album sales across the music industry, Glover had this to say: "There's an element of that. There's been disagreement in the band about whether to do another album. They really don't make money any more. My opinion is that we are an album band and should make them even if it costs us money, because that's what we do. Maybe I'm a traditionalist, but I believe we should stay what we are. We can progress with our music, but the way we do it should be the way we've always done it. There's nothing wrong with that. An album is like capturing a moment in time. And in a band with a history like ours, those moments mean a lot."

You can read the full interview here.