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Deftones - Second 'Diamond Eyes' CD Cover Reveal Video

In anticipation of their new album, Diamond Eyes, Deftones have now posted Part 2 of a series of trailers that will eventually unveil the album cover on March 23rd. The band's newest single, "Diamond Eyes," will also be available for purchase on iTunes the same day. Until then, fans can check out the "Diamond Eyes" soundcloud widget player, which features the single streaming in its entirety.

Diamond Eyes is in-stores everywhere May 18th. Tracklisting is as follows:

  • 01. Diamond Eyes
  • 02. Royal
  • 03. CMND/CTRL
  • 04. You’ve Seen the Butcher
  • 05. Beauty School
  • 06. Prince
  • 07. Rocket Skates
  • 08. Sextape
  • 09. Risk
  • 10. 976-EVIL
  • 11. This Place Is Death

Cover Reveal Part 1:

Cover Reveal Part 2:

"Diamond Eyes" Widget: