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DJ Temple rips through Without Mercy's the Disaster in this unrelenting playthrough

Allow us to introduce you Without Mercy, a thunderously heavy death-metal act from Vancouver, Canada. November 20 sees the release of the quartet's new album Seismic, and from what we've heard, it's set to be so, in every sense of the word.

DJ Temple covers guitars on the record, with names including Jeff Loomis and Chris Broderick offering guest appearances. In this blistering playthrough, he plummets through lead single The Disaster with unwavering energy, showcasing its relentless riffs with impressive ease.

Temple navigates the track's monstrous riffs and demonic solos in such a fiery fashion, we're surprised not to see smoke trailing from his fretboard.

"The Disaster was written to be unrelenting, showing the best example of yourself under the worst conditions," Temple says. "I’m using my killer Schecter JL series on this track and running it down with Ernie Ball strings and EMG 707’s. 

"Then a single patch cable runs to my Kemper power rack and blasting through my EVH 4x12. Dunlop was my pick of choice on this record as well. Easter egg fans may notice a bracelet on my left hand which nods an homage to an organization I’m proud of."

Without Mercy's new album, Seismic, is available from November 20 via Blood Blast Distribution.

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