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Dunlop announces auto-return version of its feature-packed Cry Baby Mini 535Q wah

(Image credit: Dunlop)

We’re big fans of Dunlop’s Cry Baby Mini 535Q wah – so much so that the unit was first in line on our guide to the best wah pedals 2020.

Now Dunlop has issued a new version of the half-sized wonder - the new Cry Baby CBM535AR.

In addition to controls for fine-tuning the wah voicing and filter, the new version includes an auto-return function, allowing the user to, as Dunlop puts it, “add some of that magical Cry Baby expression wherever you need it,” by pushing down on the toe of the pedal to engage the effect and backing off to disengage it.

(Image credit: Dunlop)

Additionally, the CBM535AR features four voice-shaping controls: a Range Selector that offers four sweep ranges, from warm and vintage-inspired to modern and aggressive; a Q control to shape the response of the wah effect; and a Volume knob and Boost switch to help cut through the mix.

The Cry Baby CBM535AR is available now for $149.99. For more info, head over to Jim Dunlop.