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Dusky Electronics seeks to modernize octave fuzz with the Augustus

Dusky Electronics Augustus
(Image credit: Dusky Augustus)

Dusky Electronics has expanded its pedal line-up with Augustus, which it's calling a "modern take on the classic octave fuzz."

The new fuzz pedal features four main controls: Meat (bass), Heat (gain), Light (treble) and More (volume), and can be powered using either a 9V battery or a standard 9V power supply.

The Augustus is also fitted with MOSFET input and output amplifiers for a more dynamic feel, as well as a high impedance buffer which allows the user to place it anywhere in their signal chain with minimal effect on the sound.

"I designed Augustus without reference to any particular existing design," says Chris Rossi, owner of Dusky Electronics and designer of Augustus. "Over the better part of a year and countless revisions, I was guided by my own ears to design a circuit that was, above all else, musical and inspiring to play."

Also featuring an adjustable low end, the Augustus is designed to be pairable with a wide range of instruments, including guitar, bass and synthesizer.

The Augustus is available from September 29 for $200. For more information, head to Dusky Electronics.

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