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Eventide launches its TriceraChorus plugin for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS

Eventide TriceraChorus
(Image credit: Eventide)

Eventide has announced the release of its TriceraChorus effect as a plugin for Windows, MacOS and iOS. 

The effect was originally introduced in January of this year as an add-on for its H9 Harmonizer multi-effects pedal.

Inspired by the chorus sounds of the '70s and '80s, the plugin pairs bucket brigade delay-style tri-chorusing with micro-pitch detuning.

With three chorus voices – Left, Center and Right – as well as three chorus modes – Chorus, Chorale and Swirl – the TriceraChorus features a three-phase LFO that allows users to experiment with creating movement across the stereo field.

The TriceraChorus's GUI offers automated control of parameters including Depth, Detune, Delay and Tone. The plugin also features Eventide's Ribbon function, which lets users sweep TriceraChorus processing between two completely different settings of any combination of controls.

Settings can be saved per preset, and can be immediately switched between using the plugin's Hotswitch function.

The TriceraChorus for Windows and macOS supports VST, AAX and AU plugin protocols, making it compatible with most DAWs. It's available now for $39 until November 10, at which point its price will raise to $99.

The iOS version – which works either as a standalone app or as an Audio Unit v3 plugin – is priced at $14.99, with an introductory price of $9.99 through October 13.

For more information, head to Eventide.

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