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Exclusive: Fuel Premiere New Song, "Yeah!"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Yeah!" — a brand-new song by Fuel.

The powerful track is from the band's upcoming album, Puppet Strings, Fuel's first album with frontman Brett Scallions in 10 years. Puppet Strings will be released in March.

“Rock and roll is very much alive and well on this album,” says Scallions, who co-wrote the album with guitarist Andy Andersson and bassist Brad Stewart, formerly of Shinedown. “The four of us were simply trying to write the best songs we possibly could.”

During his time away from Fuel, Scallions continued to write music and toured with Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of the Doors.

“When I left Fuel, I was miserable," he says. "It didn't feel much like a band anymore. Unity was non-existent. Singing with Ray and Robby opened a whole new perspective on music and life for me. I realized how much music is truly all about freedom and not being confined to formats or singles.”

Fuel will be on the road throughout 2014 in support of Puppet Strings. For more about the band, visit and their Facebook page.

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