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Exclusive Song Premiere: Sleepy Kitty — "Don't You Start"

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "Don't You Start," a new track by the rocking St. Louis-based duo, Sleepy Kitty.

The song is from their upcoming album, Projection Room, which will be released January 14.

The duo is fronted by guitarist and singer Paige Brubeck (Stiletto Formal) and features drummer Evan Sult (Harvey Danger, Bound Stems). They draw their influences from from various worlds — including MGM musical theater and Jean-Luc Godard films.

"I play a Fender Telecaster through a '67 Fender Super Reverb," Brubeck said. "I love that amp, and it's such a crucial element of our sound now.

"When Sleepy Kitty started, I got into loops by using a Boss Digital Delay pedal. After a while, I realized I could use more than the six seconds of loop, or whatever it is that it allows, so now I use that pedal for delay on my voice, and I use two Boss Loop Station RC20XL pedals — one for my vocals and one for my guitar.

"'Don't You Start' is covered in live vocal loops when we perform it."

For more about Sleepy Kitty, visit and their Facebook page.