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Exclusive Video: Periphery Guitarist Mark Holcomb Demos Positive Grid Bias and JamUp

Check out this exclusive video featuring Periphery's Mark Holcomb.

We'll let him explain it:

"[This is] a gear demo I did last week for Positive Grid (makers of Bias and JamUp for iOS). I'm jamming through a couple of riffs using a custom amp in Bias and running through several features in JamUp. I also play through some new Periphery material."

The song list is:

  • 01. "Pale Aura"
  • 02. an untitled demo (which might or might not be used for Periphery)
  • 03. "Immaterial"

"Since I keep my Fractal AxeFx-II racked up in our touring rig when we're at home, my home jamming rig has been condensed to just an iPad and a powered cab. Not only are the tones as good as any other piece of gear I own but the portability of having both Positive Grid apps on iOS makes it ideal for travel."

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