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Exclusive Video Premiere: "The Storm" (Live) by Flying Colors Featuring Steve Morse and Mike Portnoy

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of a new live video by Flying Colors, a band featuring guitarist Steve Morse, drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Dave LaRue, singer/guitarist Casey McPherson and keyboardist Neal Morse.

"The Storm" is from the band's upcoming CD/DVD/Blu-ray, Live In Europe, which will be released October 15 through Music Theories Recordings.

"'The Storm' is an uplifting tune from our last Flying Colors show," Steve Morse says. "Everybody is having a great time, because it is such a unique and talented group. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we did making it."

Live In Europe captures the quintet performing in Tilburg, Holland, on September 20, 2012. Directed and edited by Bernhard Baran (Guns N' Roses, the Cure, Porcupine Tree), the concert presents songs from the band's studio album plus favorites by individual band members.

It includes "Blue Ocean," "Shoulda Coulda Woulda," "Love Is What I'm Waiting For," "Can't Find a Way" (Endochine/Casey McPherson), "The Storm," "Odyssey" (Dixie Dregs), "Forever In A Daze," "Hallelujah" (Cohen), "Better Than Walking Away," "Kayla," "Fool In My Heart," "Spur of the Moment" (Dave LaRue), "Repentance" (Dream Theater), "June" (Spock's Beard), "All Falls Down," "Everything Changes" and "Infinite Fire."

"What a band, what a tour," Portnoy says. "The magic that we captured on the debut album was only further developed and cemented on Flying Colors' 2012 tour. Each night on stage I felt like I was part of something very special and cherished every moment of it. As it was such a brief and limited tour, I'm so glad we captured it here to now share with fans all around the world that didn't get to see this special band in person. Enjoy!"

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For more about Flying Colors, check out their Facebook page and official website.